Blog #1

While sitting here at Stumptown Coffee in Portland, Oregon I finally decide to execute something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile…starting this blog! Yeah, the blog craze has come and gone, but past year I have learned the value of writing and want to utilize this tool, mostly for personal organization and growth more than anything else.

I’ve been in Oregon now for about six days and it’s exactly like how all my recent travels have gone…a journey, not a vacation.  What I mean by that is all these trips that I’ve been on for the past year and a half or so have all been intertwined into one big journey.  Even though each trip brought different memories and experiences, each trip adds something valuable to my personal journey.  A friend asked me “Which of these trips was your favorite?” and I said, “it’s always the last one.” Because all the previous trips build on one another to make the most recent trip the most impactful, insightful, and growthful, at that time.

This trip has reminded me the importance of people & community.  No matter where I go it’s always the people that make the biggest impact.  Yes, I’m surrounded by majestic views, umami-filled foods, a hipster-vibe town which I like, but those things are only a small part of the experience compared to the people.

Morning views in Bend, Oregon with Justin

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