#13 Achieving Goals

We all should have goals in life.  Small, large, short-term, long-term…  All these goals are meant to challenge and motivate us to improve ourselves and the people around us.  However, achieving those goals can sometimes be difficult due to various reasons…some controllable and some not.  So if there is a way to increase the likelihood of us achieving those goals we’ve set out for ourselves we probably should look into it.

I just learned about this research on a podcast*, which was done by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor.  According to the study, just by writing down your goals on a regular basis the likelihood of you achieving your goals increases up to 42%!!! It’s such a simple thing yet the study shows it to be quite the difference maker… by 42%.  I’m no psychologists thus I don’t know the actual scientific process that takes place in the brain & body which causes the likelihood.  But in the healthcare industry, we are always dealing with probabilities: increasing chances of the positive outcome vs. reducing the risks.   Thus, why not increase the chances by writing down your goals? I know I will!


*The Model Health Show Podcast Episode 260

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