#24 Emotions

More than ever, I think we are told of this lie of “perfection.” Go on any one of the social media platforms and you’ll see the perfect weather, perfect job, perfect marriage, perfect body, perfect diet, and etc.  Are our lives this perfect? I know mine’s not…not even close.

I know I’m definitely guilty of having shared mostly the “better parts” of my day on my social media, which is full of my workouts, diet, travels, and such.  And you know what? They were pretty awesome.  However, what percentage of my life do those posts reflect? Maybe 1%, if that? So I guess I just wanted to share my current thoughts and experiences that aren’t so “perfect.”

Is it just me or is your mood so damn fickle too? Without any signs and warnings, my mood changes.  I would wake up one day feeling amazing, ready to take on anything and everything.  But then, I would wake up literally the next day feeling crappy and unmotivated.  The thing is, my mood seems to take control of my day, more often than not.  The days when I feel great, my day ends up being very productive and efficient.  On the other hand, the days when I wake up feeling down I end up becoming a zombie and binge-watch movies or eat anything and everything.

Tom Bilyeu said, “Never let your emotions control you. Emotions are the communication standard of the subconscious. Learn to discern what they mean, but never be their slave.”  This concept is and will always be a struggle.  However, I’ve become aware of these inconsistent feelings, emotions, and moods, and perhaps not letting it completely control my day.

In summary, we, humans, are such emotional creatures, some more than others, and I think it’s important to be aware of those varying emotions.  However, my personal experiences have taught me that letting those emotions take control isn’t always the best thing.  We are imperfect beings, and I think when we are aware and can embrace that fact that’s when we can begin to control our lives just a bit more…Perhaps even get one step closer to that “perfect” life we are told of.



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