#34 Impossible (What I’ve learned being a trainer Pt. 6)

We are so obsessed with this idea of perfection.  The perfect house. The perfect job/career.  The perfect diet. The perfect life.  It all sounds amazing.  However, what does that even mean?

We all have these goals, some small, some grand, some short-term, some long-term.  As a coach, I’ve seen goals from clients, colleagues, and even myself that include, but not limited to, losing 30lbs, bench pressing 3 plates (315lbs), and being able to run a mile under 6 minutes.  All different but all impressive feat in their own way.  The interesting thing about all these goals is that regardless of the success “a goal” always seems to exist.  What I mean is, say a person did lose 30lbs, he/she tends to have another goal lined up after such as losing a few more pounds or developing the 6-pack abs.  A powerlifter who’s able to bench press way more than 315lbs, say 500lbs, doesn’t just stop at 500lbs but rather strive for 515lbs and on.  Ultimately, what I’ve realized is that it is the IMPOSSIBLE that we are striving for.  As we continue to have goals, one after another, EVENTUALLY we are going to come up short.  A 100m sprinter who’s personal record is 10.0s, which is really really fast,  will continue to work to lower that time.  However, there will come a time where the time won’t get faster due to aging, physical limitations, and more.  It may be IMPOSSIBLE for the sprinter to achieve 9.59s even though it has been achieved by someone already.

You may find it ironic but I don’t say these things to be negative.  I bring up the concept of IMPOSSIBLE because I’ve learned the lesson of working for the process & progress rather than the result.  Let me ask you a question: If you knew what you’re trying to achieve is impossible would you still try? Maybe I’ll be able to squat 500lbs in my lifetime. But maybe not. Who cares. I squat anyways because I like the progress I’m making and also enjoying the process.  You running a mile under 6-minutes may be impossible (even though I think most people can run 6min mile though).  Would you still go for it?

In reality, I think we need to apply this mental approach all the time even outside of the gym.  Say I want to make $10 million dollars per year. Perhaps I will. Perhaps not.  What’s important is that IF and only if I enjoy the process, and make progress along the way, I’ll continue to strive towards to the goal of making $10 mil.  IF not I’m sure I’ll give up.

Impossible is inevitable.  With that said, it is also just a man-made word.  It isn’t something that should bring up negative feelings and doubt.  Instead, if you can just realize that all that matters is the process perhaps you may just start to see that IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.


Image result for joel embiid trust the process
Joel “The Process” Embiid


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