#7 Sleep

My friends and family know that I have a gift….of sleeping.  It’s just something I’ve never had a problem with.  Perhaps it’s because of my genetics, biological make-up, etc.

With that said, I know I’m like an outlier when it comes to sleeping habits.  I was introduced to Shawn Stevenson and his work recently and he said,

“A truly great morning starts the night before.”

Sleep may be the piece of the puzzle that the society commonly neglects, which has an impact everything starting from your work quality, ability to adapt to training (lose/gain weight), and more.


Shawn Stevenson’s work including his book, Sleep Smarter: 21 proven tips to sleep your way, has more in-depth explanations of why sleep is so important.  He even says that sleep may be a more important factor than training and diet combined in regards to your weight loss!!! (That seems a bit too extreme in my opinion but that’s for you to decide for yourself).



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