#8 Need vs Want

As a strength coach/personal trainer, I’ve learned a valuable lesson of balance.  The most common practice of balance in my profession is “NEED vs WANT.”

My job deals with dealing with clients’ WANTS: get faster, lose weight, gain muscle, and etc.  And of course, I do the best of my abilities to get them there.  However, sometimes what they want isn’t necessarily what they need, at the moment at least.  An example would be if a client came to me to get stronger but he/she has dealt with injuries, i.e. back pain.  I shouldn’t be making the client do the “ideal” strength gaining exercises like squats & deadlifts.  In order for me to assist the client in the right way, I must manage the balance between the client’s WANT vs. NEED.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be any strengthening exercises in the program but rather a balance of strength, correctional, mobility, and various other types of exercises that will help her NEED.

A different way to describe the concept above is that what is “optimal” may not be “sustainable” or suitable.  That means optimal actually isn’t optimal anymore but rather what is sustainable/suitable will be the NEW optimal.

So just because someone says this is the best way to lose fat, gain weight, or be happy doesn’t necessarily mean those ways will be sustainable or “optimal” for YOU (That actually leads me to another lesson that I learned, importance of individuality, which I’ll blog about in the near future).

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