#9 Principles vs Rules

You’ve probably heard things like, “If you want to lose weight you can’t have carbs!” and “You have to do hip thrusters to build leg strength and build a better butt!”

What I wanted to blog about today isn’t necessarily bashing on those statements…well kind of.  I’ll have to agree that YES, you can lose weight by reducing carbs and YES, you can build leg strength and a better butt by doing hip thrusters.  HOWEVER, important PRINCIPLE we all need to remember is that our body is never as simple as yes or no & black or white.  It is a complex system which most of the time need to consider multiple variables rather than just carbs or just the exercise selection.

Commonly in the health & fitness industry, but not limited to, people tend to make these RULES that they claim as a must-do in order to achieve something.  Instead of just focusing on the rules, I think we should spend equal time, maybe even a little more, time on the PRINCIPLES.  For example, if you understand the principles of weight loss you’ll know that it is not solely dependent on macronutrient, such as carbs.  So if you cut out carbs and still aren’t losing weight you will know exactly how to troubleshoot and make necessary changes.

As I blogged about Balance in my last post I think providing rules and following rules are still necessary.  However, there should be a balance of rules and principles so that we aren’t looking at a subject through a straw.

What other “rules” have you heard of recently?

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