#11 Priority

I’ve been diving in heavily into relearning and reorganization of the fundamental principles of training and nutrition in order to be able to provide the most balanced explanation, simple yet unify all the principles.  Einstein said, “if you can’t explain it simply you don’t know well enough,” and I plan on doing just that.  I will soon share those principles and concepts, but in the meantime, I wanted to blog about the concept of PRIORITY, which is what the whole fundamental principles are all about.

As I mentioned in my blog post #9, it is important to pay attention to the understand the principles rather than just follow these rules people claim.  The principle of priority must always be considered, which undeniably applies in the health & fitness industry as well.

For example, there are SO MANY CLAIMS on what makes you lose weight: if you eat this superfood you’ll lose weight; if you do this exercise you’ll lose weight; if you lower control your hormones you’ll lose weight; if you drink this supplement you’ll lose weight.  There are hundreds and thousands more of these claims that get your attention to buy their services and/or products.  Don’t get me wrong, these claims CAN work but not solely dependent on these claims.  Without going too deep into the fundamental weight loss principles, I’ll just say that the number one priority when it comes to weight loss is the concept of energy balance, which is also known as calories in vs calories out.  What I mean is if someone claims to have lost weight because he/she ate this “superfood” the reality is that the weight change occurred because there was probably a caloric deficit (more calories burned then calories in).  In the same case for the MUST DO EXERCISES, SUPPLEMENTS, and other claims, if the PRIORITY PRINCIPLE of energy balance, in the case of weight loss I’m talking about a caloric deficit, was achieved it is very likely that he/she will have success towards the goal.

To summarize, knowing the priority is essential in training and nutrition.  It will help you with not only what to focus on but also see the whole picture!

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