#30 What I’ve learned being a trainer Pt. 5

There is so much HATE in the health & fitness industry.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard statements like “that trainer sucks,” “that exercise/equipment is pointless,” “that certification/coach is terrible,” or something in the realm.  At times, I find myself guilty of this too.  In my opinion, one of the main reasons may be due to the industry quality and service being diluted by the sheer volume of trainers, coaches, certifications, and exercises/gadgets.  Perhaps the hate, judgment, and negativity in the industry are inevitable with such excess in volume that ultimately leads to competition.

In my opinion, there absolutely are different calibers of trainers & coaches (and certifications, exercises, etc.).  However, as I mentioned above, due to the nature of competitiveness, some will do anything and everything in their power to grow their business.  Thanks to various marketing options, even including social media, anyone can successfully generate leads & demands, unfortunately.  Although all that may be true, it doesn’t mean that we, the industry, have to respond with judgment, criticism, and putting down everyone else!  The health & fitness industry is and should be about positive image & adaptation, even one’s love & passion.  However, how can we expect to deliver that type of positivity (and ultimately results) when all that is heard & seen in the industry are things like “this trainer being the worst” or “that program sucks and won’t work”?  

Guess what? Sadly, this type of judgmental and negative approach isn’t limited to the health & fitness industry but rather it’s seen everywhere!  For example, all you hear on the news are examples of negativity and hate! I’m writing this blog not because I have this magical solution but because I’ve become aware of such issue ever since I became a trainer.  I’ve always strived to use positivity and support not only for my clients but also for my colleagues and the entire health & fitness industry.  Maybe, just maybe, me leading by example can begin to bring about positive changes to my clients, my community, and the industry.

Hi Haters

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