#29 What I’ve learned being a trainer Pt.4

“Rule #1: no pissing, no moaning!”

Coach Charles Poliquin’s favorite rule.  I first heard him say this in 2012 at one of his seminars.  There stood one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, who happens to be a meat-head with literally two biceps heads bulging out of his arms, and this man is yelling out this rule that seems so childish.  Due to the infancy of my career and also how absurd it seemed, I just let it pass by as something Coach Charles once said.  In reality, I don’t think I really knew what he meant either.  After almost a decade of working in the health & fitness industry, I think I finally fully grasp and understand what he meant.

Even without being a trainer & coach, it’s easily noticeable that the hardest workers in the gym are usually the fittest: The 20″ arms, pulling massive weights off the floor, shredded six-pack abs, that V-taper that all men and women strive for.  None of those things are obtained by going to the gym once or twice a week for a few weeks or months.  To see results in the gym, it really comes down to putting in the hard work.  Thanks to exercise science & research, we can train smarter than ever before.  However, you still can’t beat effort.  Steve Weatherford, a former NFL Player, said, “Fitness is the only fair investment that you get 100% return on what you invest.”  No pissing, no moaning…train hard!

There are a plenty of people that tried to get in shape, lose weight, or many other goals and have failed…multiple times.  I tend to be very analytical and also very persistent so if I fail once, I take a breath and try again.   But if I fail multiple times?!?!?! My head’s probably steaming at that point.  Anyways, why I bring this up is because in health & fitness, if you weren’t able to achieve your goals, you HAVE TO ask yourself why.  There is always a way to get to a goal, which may be working out more, lifting heavier things than you’d like, do some research to learn the science and principles, and if you don’t want to spend time doing the search then spending money to seek professional help.  Rather than complaining about why you haven’t been able to obtain your goal(s), take whatever action necessary to get there.  No pissing, no moaning…stop complaining and find your solution!

Simply put, it comes down to you! In the gym and pretty much in every aspect of life, you have the choice to make the decision, to take action.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  I think the sooner you can realize this truth the quicker you can figure out what to control (and not).  For example, TIME itself is not something you can control.  There are 24 hours in a day, or 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds.  With that said, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE CONTROL of how to spend that time.  The most common excuse people use is, “I’m too busy.  I don’t have time.”  It essentially was and is your choice to be too busydon’t have time.  But guess what? Being busy can be great.  Hopefully, that means you’re getting everything done that you wish and want.  However, it’s not so great if you’re complaining that you don’t have time.  You’ll have to say NO from time to time to a birthday dinner, a baby shower, a happy hour, and hundreds of other festivities that go on every day of the week.  You’ll have to grocery shop and cook rather than eating out to save money.  You’ll have to make such sacrifices in order to bring about change.  No pissing, no moaning…TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.  


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